first ever course designed and Construction Industry

This is first ever course designed for Construction Industry that inculcates latest technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence, robotics, drones, blockchain, smart buildings, modelling software, sensors, wireless devices, latest equipment etc. in professionals and students that will empower & prepare them to learn and apply technologies in Construction Industry ecosystem. The course is designed keeping in mind to tap the industrial revolution 4.0 and tap the digital evolution in Construction Industry. Digital Construction Management is an online course launched by Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), and provides all the insights required to enter the technology arena in construction ecosystem.

Need of Digitization

The world is changing fast, people and businesses are getting digital and more technology driven. “The formerly so called “brick and mortar” industry is entering the digital age. The digital push is accelerating and even if construction industry players are still confused and hesitant about the change and new technologies, the time has come for them to develop a real digital strategy” is the reality as quoted in report by Oliver Wyman. Construction Industry is fast adopting latest Digital technologies – Augmented Reality, Drones, 3D Printing, Building Information Modeling (BIM), 5D BIM, Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain, Project Software, Advanced Building Materials etc. For professional excellence, knowledge of these digital technologies are absolute essential for the engineers. As per survey by WEF, there is acute shortage of digital technology skilled people but demand is huge. To address this critical issue, the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), has launched a certified Online course for Construction firms, Engineers, Engineering organizations, working professionals, consultants and engineering students.

Program Details

Digital Construction Management is designed as12 Week Online Course having of 12 study modules designated for each week. A module will have animated video contents, Case studies and Test. Provision for virtual classes are there.
After completion of the 12th week, an online objective examination will be conducted. And based on performance in examination, an online certificate will be issued by CIDC to all successful candidates.
The entire course fee including certificate will be INR 7500/- (+ applicable GST). This fee INR 7500/- is limited to only first 1000 students and will be revised substantially thereafter

Free Trial

Digital Revolution 4.0

Latest Planning, Architecture project monitoring & design software

IoT in the construction industry, drone surveying

Contract management, Public-private partnership

Cost : ₹2000 + 18% GST

Advance Course

Use of GIS in construction, remote screening technology, satellite technology, advance GPS system

3D printing technology in the construction industry, future construction material

Asset management, IOT in the construction industry

RERA 2016, Online dispute resolution, smart contracts

Cost : ₹3000 + 18% GST

Professional Course

Building information modeling and stimulation, 3D,4D,5D,BIM,iBIM & Digital twin concept

Blockchain & construction industry, blockchain in constructing, Blockchain in payment

Artificial Intelligence, deep learning & machine learning. It is used in the construction industry

Augmented reality, virtual reality, digital modeling

Cost : ₹4000 + 18% GST

Combo Offer 1

Basic + Advance
Total of 8 Modules
Cost :₹2000+₹3000 = ₹5000
Combo offer: ₹4000+18% GST

Combo Offer 2

Basic + Professional
Total of 8 Modules
Cost :₹2000+₹4000 = ₹6000
Combo offer: ₹5000+18% GST

Combo Offer 3

Advance + Professional
Total of 8 Modules
Cost :₹3000+₹4000 = ₹7000
Combo offer: ₹6000+18% GST

Combo Offer 4

Basic + Advance + Professional
Cost :₹2000+₹3000+₹4000 = ₹9000
Combo offer: ₹7500+18% GST

  • History of construction industry – Videos & Photos of world’s unique projects
  • Importance of construction industry – political and economic perspective
  • Challenges faced by construction industry and youth perspective
  • Opportunities in construction industry
  • Need of digitalization in construction industry
  • What is digital construction
  • Digital Revolution 4.0 Technologies applicable in construction industry
  • Latest planning software
  • Latest architectural softwares
  • Prominent Design softwares
  • Prominent survey equipment
  • Latest ground survey technologies
  • LiDAR in construction industry
  • Latest Estimation Softwares and glimpses of their use
  • Latest earthwork equipments
  • Latest shuttering materials and technologies
  • Latest building materials – high strength cement , steel, concrete etc
  • Latest curing and plastering technologies
  • Modular construction and Prefabricated construction
  • Latest construction equipments
  • 3 D printing technology in construction industry
  • Futuristic construction materials
  • Latest project monitoring technologies
  • Latest project monitoring softwares
  • How to use PRIMAWERA, MSP and such project monitoring softwares
  • Project Monitoring and Information System
  • Trailing innovative technologies in construction industry
  • Drones in construction industry
  • IOT in construction industry
  • Robotics in construction industry
  • Use of GIS in construction industry
  • Remote sensing technology its components & applications in construction
  • Advance GPS software and data ecosystem in construction industry
  • Use of GIS in mapping electricity, gas, water bill payments etc
  • Cloud and Mobile based technologies in construction industry
  • Integration of construction industry with digitally connected world using GIS
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Advantage of BIM: why it is mandatory for infra industry in many countries
  • 3D, 4D, 5D BIM
  • iBIM and Digital Twin
  • Relevant Code of practice for Building Information Modelling
  • Augmented reality & virtual reality in construction industry
  • Simulation technology in constructive industry
  • Wireless monitoring and building automation
  • Remote site inspection and quality check of project using AR & VR
  • Digital Modelling
  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • What is Deep learning and Machine learning
  • Application of AI in construction industry
  • Future outlook of construction industry with AI
  • Use of AI in quality check
  • What is Blockchain
  • Use of Blockchain in construction industry
  • Use of Blockchain in operation & maintenance of infra projects
  • Funding strategies of Infrastructure projects
  • Infrastructure Bonds
  • Asset management of large infrastructures
  • Latest asset management technologies
  • Creation of digital inventory
  • Value bases budgeting of operation & maintenance of buildings
  • New equipments for quick maintenance
  • Use of Robots in repetitive maintenance & operations
  • IOT Sensor in Operation& maintenance
  • Contract Management
  • Public Private Partnership contracts
  • Earned value management
  • Latest Software for Contract Managements
  • Use of Blockchain in Contract Management
  • Dispute and Dispute resolution mechanism – Claims & Counterclaims
  • Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration
  • Latest government regulations on arbitration
  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)
  • RERA 2016
  • Key provision of RERA for builders, buyers and government
  • RERA Definition of carpet area, built up area etc
  • Process of registration for RERA approval
  • Small cities and Urbanization
  • Building smart communities
  • Developing a smart city policy
  • Glimpses of Smart City of the world
  • Future of construction industry and global governance
  • Environmental and social innovations – Global thinking
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